Welcome to Dunky’s Ice Cream! 

After many years and hand churning numerous gallons of ice cream, I’m pleased to announce that Dunky’s Ice Cream will now be available at a permanent location with a rustic family atmosphere in my home town of Licking, Missouri. 

We are working hard to refurbish our new location at 117 N. Main Street. Stop on by if you want to pitch in and get involved with creating a place where joyful memories are sure to be made at Dunky’s Ice Cream Shop. 

As many of you already know, I have two passions in life. The first is making (& eating) delicious homemade ice cream and the second passion is painting. Dunky’s Ice Cream Shop features ample space in a back room to hold art classes. Art work created by my students, talented friends and of course myself will adorn the walls of the dining area of Dunky’s Ice Cream Shop. 

Check back here often for updates and Grand Opening information! 

Thanks for all your support! 

Best Regards, 
Gary Duncan, owner
Dunky’s Old Fashion Ice Cream


Dunky's Old Fashion Ice Cream - LOGO


Join us at Dunky’s Ice Cream on
Wednesday, October 11th, 2017
for the official Grand Opening of
Dunky’s Old Fashion Ice Cream Shop
117 N. Main Street
Licking, Missouri.


“I’m so glad Gary has finally decided to open a shop featuring his delicious old fashioned ice cream. I can’t wait for opening day of Dunky’s Ice Cream!”

KJ Burk

Dunky's Ice Cream | KJ Burk Testimonial

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Dunky’s Old Fashion Ice Cream
117 North Main Street 
Licking, Missouri 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or flavor suggestions for Dunky’s Ice Cream. 

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